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Updated September 8, 1997 22:55

A page with a few Mars Links.
Links to NASA's Life on Mars page as well as some Mars Pathfinder links. I don't think any one page can hold all the Mars links on the Web. Use these few as a starting point.
Astronomy Picture of the Day
The Astronomy Picture of the Day is written and edited by Robert Nemiroff & Jerry Bonnell. In addition to a picture, there are NUMEROUS links on subjects related to the picture embedded in the text of the caption. I've had this on my hotlist for a while and finally got around to adding it to our page. This should give everyone a reason to hit the Web (and maybe our page) every day.
The NASA Space Calendar at JPL.
The NASA Space Calendar is maintained by Ron Baalke at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (he must be a busy man!). Each day has a space-related item or anniversary listed, and most entries have links to other pages with more details.
SAAO -- The South African Astronomical Observatory.
The SAAO was founded as the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope in 1820 and the main building, used now for offices for the staff, was completed in 1828. There are various telescopes of historical importance on the grounds in Cape Town, including the McClean refractor, a 24-inch refractor which was used for pioneering spectroscopic observations. Today it is only used to show visitors the night sky. The major observing facilities, consisting of modern instrumentation and large telescopes, are near Sutherland in the Karoo.

IOTA -- The International Occultation Timing Association Web pages:
For grazes and other lunar occultation events and eclipses
For asteroidal and planetary occultations.
The Astronomy Cafe
"An Internet Resource for the Astronomically Challenged" by Dr. Sten Odenwald, Astrophysicist.
Maryland Library System with all sorts of links, including astronomy and other science-related links.
Central Maryland Area Amatuer Astronomy Page
Compiled by Ray Sterner. Includes club listings, tools (rise/set times for Central Maryland), and other links.
The University of Bradford, England
Engineering In Astronomy (EIA), including the Robotic Telescope. Sign up to submit a request to have an image of your favorite section of the sky taken by a computer-controlled 42 cm reflector.
Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI).
Home of the Hubble Space Telescope's Operations.
Museum of Scientific Discovery, Harrisburg, PA
Located in Strawberry Square. Tour a 727 Cockpit and a Link Trainer.
Astronomy Magazine.
Fast-breaking info, Club Listings, and more.
Sky Online Sky & Telescope and CCD Astronomy magazines.
Fast-breaking info, Club Listings, and more.
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